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2 December 2021 - 3 December 2021
Horizon Europe - Digital & Industry - Face2face Brokerage

Practical information for the Face2Face Meetings

You can find your personalised agenda once you have logged in on the top menu, including the scheduled time and the table number where your meeting will take place.


This year, we have great news: sending and accepting meeting requests will still be possible also during the event! This means that you will be able to send and accept meeting requests until almost the last minute. However, in order to avoid any last minute confusion, from now on, meetings will not be accepted automaticallyYou have to actively respond to the meeting request and accept the meeting, by selecting a preferrable time slot, indicating exactly when you would like the meeting will take place.


  • Go to Participants menu or the Marketplace menu, at the top of the page.
  • Browse through the participants or the Marketplace entries. Use the filter options to find appropriate meeting partners. You can filter participants by country, organization type or business fields or search by their names. In the Marketplace menu you can search by opportunities. Only the participants who selected common matchmaking sessions will be shown as available to you. The number of meetings you can request, accepted requests and open requests will be displayed at the top of the page.
  • Click on View profile to see the complete participant profile or the Marketplace entries. You will have the participant's information here.
  • Send a meeting request via the Request Meeting button. You can add a message in order to introduce yourself. 
  • The meeting will have the 'Request sent - Waiting for response' status until the moment when the invited participant will accept it and choose its time slot.
  • Meetings will only be visible in the Agenda after they are accepted.


In order to reschedule a meeting, you need to cancel and request it again.  

  • Go to the Meeting's menu at the top of the page.
  • Choose the meeting you want to reschedule from the list of meetings and click on it.
  • Cancel the meeting by clicking on Cancel meeting.
  • Click on Book meeting.
  • Send your meeting request again by clicking on Send request and adding an optional message.

If the participant is marked as 'not available', please contact the event organiser, as the booking phase might be closed.


Check your meeting schedule by clicking on "Meetings" at the top menu, once you have logged. In case you cannot attend some of your meetings, please cancel them beforehand. This is a kind of polite behaviour as your meeting partners will be informed about your absence and they do not have waste their time waiting for a person who doesn’t show up.


    • Click on your meetings, to do a camera/microphone test
    • Check your audio quality, we highly recommend using a headset
      • Use a good webcam to improve the image quality
      • Use a reliable high-speed connection
      • Consider cutting your video, in case of bandwidth limitations
      • To make sure that everything is set correctly, please go to your "Meetings" and click on the green camera button "Meeting starts in ..." - this will open the video call feature of your browser. You should be able to see yourself

      On the day of the online event 

      • CHECK AGENDA: check the latest version of your meeting agenda and prepare for your meetings. 
      • PENDING MEETINGS: Accept/decline pending meeting requests promptly. Be sure to double check your time zone setting.
        • BE EARLY: be online at least 5-10 minutes before your meetings start
        • RESPECT other participants' time and show up to all your meetings, or cancel them well in advance.
        • START MEETINGPress the START MEETING button in your profile to start your scheduled meeting.
        • END MEETING: Close your Video Call meeting in time.  Please leave the call in time as you or your meeting partner can have a subsequent meeting right after. A watch indicates the remaing meeting time.
        • If an unforeseen circumstance arises and you will not attend a meeting, please cancel your meetings through the platform. This way,the other participant will be notified.
        • Missed your meeting? Please message to the support team through the platform, so we can help you reschedule the meeting.


        We will be there to assist you with your meetings and all issues that you might have at all times of the conference! 

        Happy matchmaking!

        Our staff will be at your disposal during the whole matchmaking event.

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